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Terms of Use & StoRErePolicy


Terms that will be used in this agreement. You means, you, you as the "buyer", the client, the customer, consumer, the owner of (you) the establishment or the" buyer," a manager of a salon or retail store with an operating business license, this is defined as you. Me as an "I, we, us" as in "99heal,LLC" as in the wholesaler, sometimes referred to in our distributor in some circumstances. 99heal, LLC is a B2B (business 2 business) wholesaler to professionals  only. Supplier for salons , spas, boutiques and other major retailers. Also, everything written or typed can and will be changed without your notice, anytime.

Terms of Use.


You can and should but don't have to set up an account such as a "User name and password" with 99heal, LLC.  You can and will use 99heal, LLC website with or without an account, (account) meaning your account, the account that you signed up for and will sign in for purchase(s). It is not a must that you have an account with us, it's only beneficial.  You will use your account (that you signed up for at 99heal,LLC) to purchase any wholesale goods; Cosmetics, body care, facial products and any other wholesale item(s) that we wish to sell, (we is considered as us the "company," the company called," 99heal,LLC.") You may communicate with customer service through our "contact form" on and under the contact page ( under the logo banner 99heal/ the black bar) and someone will get back with you about any questions regarding in products or concern(s) with anything relating to 99heal,LLC company.


We will not exchange or refill any buyers/ visitor/guest/customer order if you have made an error. Meaning once you have made a purchase from 99heal, LLC we can't re-correct the mistake, the error on your behalf. If you made a mistake or an error on a purchase at 99heal, LLC and it was an error on your end, your "company" the "buyer" we cannot refund you nor can we exchange. All sales are final. Once you submit the amount or the quantity or your selection of product and quantity, (selection meaning; Cosmetic(s,) fragrance(s), body and face scrub(s), body and facial wash(s), body and facial lotion or serums, anything that 99heal,LLC has on sale/ in stock on a wholesale deal at 99heal,LLC website.)  99heal, LLC is not liable or responsible for any errors of submission, we are also not liable for any network errors, please try again or contact us through the contact form or contact page  section, if you have any questions or concerns about your order. Please remember , all sales are final.

We will try to resolve any issue for a possible solution, please remember if we cannot resolve the issue (s) then the above statement remains in effect from 12-5-2021 and on forth.



Minimun Orders


99heal, LLC does have a minimum order, which is posted on our website.  99heal, LLC will update or change these minimum orders any time without your "you" pryor consent. Please keep up and check our status of change, we may or may not update these changes but it is not 99heal,LLC responsibility to advise you on minimum orders status. At the moment theses minimum orders will be posted on our site "as is" meaning our minimum orders are listed for you when you click on the "quantity" of the product(s) the "type" of product, meaning the type of fragrance or any cosmetic or beauty line product that 99heal,LLC has in store on our "website," called or any representative that may present their self as a 99heal,LLC employee to take your order of payment at your establishment. You agree to these terms of minimum order(s) by purchasing at or a sales representative from 99heal,LLC.



Shipping and Receiving 


We cannot and will not be accountable for any stolen good(s)/ item(s)/ purchase(s) once your , you the "buyer"of the establishment of ( "buisness name") has recieved such goods ,we are not responsible for lost or stolen goods and even damaged goods, once it has been shipped to your address, the "establishment" we are no longer liable for your actions or responsibility or negligence.  If you have damaged items, you must dispute with the carrier or add extra insurance once you are ready to check out (if available.)  99heal, LLC is not and will not be accountable for this type of negligence from your employees or customers/ clients / buyer and any person or entity. 


Time frame for shipping and receiving your 99heal,LLC products may take up to 14 business days, after payment is received which may take 2-5 business days to process / transfer of payment/ deposit(s)from bank institution(s). A total of 16-19 business days of the process of payment and shipping/ receiving 99heal,LLC goods. Also, we only sell in the United States. You agree to these terms by making a purchase at or any representative from 99heal,LLC.


For any questions on returns please contact us through our " contact form" or email us at and please provide your order number, name/ last name, phone number, email and physical  address of business establishment that you provided when you purchased from 99heal,LLC. This will provide us an easy and faster process for your return. We will help you move forward with this process of return. Please read the next portion. This is our policy of returns and what you can expect.


All goods are sold as a final sale NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.  We (distributor) may accept returns and 99heal,LLC/ distributor will , store credit, or exchange for products purchased in the last 30 days in some circumstances:

  1. When a customer/ business owner receives a product that is different from what was ordered.

  2. When products are determined to be defective and photos proving proof of the damages can be provided;

  3. Other situations will be inspected and judged on a case-by-case basis by 99heal,LLC/ our distributor. It is 99heal, LLC  policy to only accept returns of unopened, unused, and sell-able items and only when accompanied by a pre-approved RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).  Requests for RMAs must be made through our customer service department the (CONTACT FORM PAGE or  email us at and can only be accepted for orders under 30 days old. 


All returns must be shipped back to our distributor using the return label provided by customer service. Returned products that are determined to be non-defective may be subject to a 20% rework fee.

Any items returned to our distributor without an accompanying printed Return Merchandise Authorization will not be eligible for exchange or store credit.












Store Policy and Privacy Policy. 



General use and purpose(s)



We will gather and store any information or all information provided by visitor's on our website for store purposes only. 99heal definition of "store purposes" (towards this agreement) check-out purposes, point-of-sell purposes, email- marketing or communicating purposes. Any registering visitor or buyer from any establishment that is willing to buy our wholesale items/goods at "99heal,LLC" and provides information such as a name, address, email, any information that 99heal,LLC has set up to ask for , a standard check-in and check-out standard questionnaire and is not limited too. Terms may vary, we may update our terms at any time without prior consent. Just make sure to check in and out with our privacy policy.  This is just a privacy policy stating that you acknowledge and you accept that you will use 99heal,LLC to purchase wholesale goods such as cosmetics, body or any facial products consisting of facial lotions, body lotions, face scrubs, body scrubs, body or face fragrance, cosmetics that has no limit such as concealer, foundation, finishing powders, eye-liner, eye shadow, lip-liner, lip-stick of any form and color, etc.. any retail spa/ business of establishment that re-sales spa goods that 99heal,LLC may have in stock.  You accept that your name , address, phone number and email address(s) is what is asked.  For the purpose of communicating, shipping and promotion(s). If we need to communicate we will use those "gathered information" such as your email , telephone number or physical address to communicate with you the "buyer" the business owner" or "to whom it may concern."  We will use this information to communicate any issues(s) that may arise or any concerns.  You will only use your password and username (if such account exist(s) on 99heal, LLC website now and in the near future but you will use this site accordingly, only to purchase wholesale goods/ spa goods from 99heal, LLC for your business, your establishment, your retail store or spa.


Promotional use only



We will share your business(s) name , address, phone number and website address for "free promo" meaning we will share all information that we just mention on our 99heal website or 99heal website for consumers/ customers who want to locate 99heal product such as where to find 99heal such as a physical address of a spa or an establishment that sells 99heal. We will add your business name , address, phone number and website address to our website (99heal) that is promoting 99heal product. You agree your business(s) will be visible to our guest/ visitors/consumers or customers who want to learn more about 99heal and where to purchase 99heal. You agree to this privacy policy by making a wholesale/ bulk purchase from and on the date that is entered on your receipt which is your proof of policy agreement as well as ours/ as our records show, you agree to this agreement of privacy policy by and on the date of a wholesale/ bulk purchase at 99HEAL.COM.  You may send any email banners or email promotional material/ your business logos and or banners for our website at or any 99heal sites that we create, you may send any promo material through email to show case your promos (promotional materials) promo must have our logo, our name, our product to show cast on our website "99heal" where consumers/ guest/visitors/customers etc...can educate their self's and find a location to buy 99heal whether its on your website or the physical address. This is "free promo" we generate the leads and send them your way to purchase 99heal. You also agree that we may add your business name towards our commercial and any flyer/ promotional materials that we may create. Only for 99heal consumers to gain or have access to locations of 99heals products such as a spa location(s) or business establishment location of "where to purchase" 99heal products, either by visiting your store, phone call, or purchasing 99heal product on your website.  To sum it all up you agree that your business name will be listed as a retailer or spa establishment that sells 99heal products and the address/phone number/email,  will be available to our visitors.  You acknowledge and accept these terms of privacy policy.


We will not solicit or sell your account information to anyone. Anyone meaning a "person" any "entity" or and third party. Your account is kept confidential. Please keep your account private, meaning do not share your information such as your password, credit card or and account login (if applicable ) to anyone.  We do not share. You acknowledge and agree that you don't hold us liable  or responsible for any data breach under law or court of law. You agree to not hold 99heal, LLC liable or responsible for your account being leaked due to your negligence. By purchasing , you agree to these terms of agreement. 

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